13 natural female libido enhancers

vitamins and herbs

Low sex drive is as common in women as it is in men. Stress, illness, child birth, and lack of communication with partners are only some of the reasons that can cause decreased libido in women. Although a consultation with your physician can get you a good medication for your sexual problems, many women prefer to try natural supplements for their problem.

These supplements can either be in the form of herbs or vitamins.

Herbs for enhancing sex drive

#1. Rhodiala Rosea

This herb which grows in the arctic region can help improve libido, energy and orgasm in women. For women going through menopause, it can reduce symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

#2. Ginseng

Ginseng is an herb that has been found to be quite effective in men. However, it can boost the female libido as well. It contains a compound called ginsenosides that has been found to promote the secretion of adrenal corticotropic hormone. The hormone works by reducing stress and making women "feel good". It also improves blood flow to the sex organs, a factor that promotes sexual arousal in women.

#3. Kava

Kava works on improving libido in women by reducing their stress and anxiety. If a woman is calm, relaxed, and free of anxiety, she is more likely to be in the mood for sex.

#4. Dong Quai

Estrogen plays an important role in sexual drive and arousal and Dong Quai increases the level of this hormone in women. It is particularly useful to combat the hormonal changes that occur after childbirth, during PMS, and after menopause. It also boosts blood flow to the sex organs which translates into easy and intense sexual arousal in women.

#5. Satavari

This herb works on the testosterone levels in women. Mostly considered to be a hormone that is necessary for sexual enhancement in men, testosterone plays an important role in female sexual enhancement as well. The herb also alleviates symptoms such as vaginal dryness by promoting a release of fluids in the vaginal area.

#6. Avena Sativa

Another herb that works on the testosterone levels in the body of a woman is avena sativa. This natural supplement also increases sensations in the sex organs of women.

#7. Damiana

An herb that helps improve sex drive by reducing stress and anxiety is damiana. It relaxes the mind and calms the nerves along with controlling hot flashes in menopausal women.

What vitamins are good libido boosters?

Besides the above herbs, there are certain vitamins that have been found to promote female sex drive. These vitamins can be taken in the form of supplements or can be taken by including foods that contain these vitamins. Here is a list of some of the vitamins for improving libido.

#1. Vitamin E

This vitamin is found in nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables and corn. It helps in the production of sex hormones and also improves blood circulation. It is particularly effective in dealing with menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness and itching.

Vitamin E is also a potent antioxidant, that is, it helps prevent the damaging effects of aging on women, something that can make women feel good and more youthful and sexual.

The gel in vitamin E capsules can also be used as a lubricant. If used on a daily basis, it can increase the wetness in the vaginal area, thus relieving symptoms of vaginal dryness.

#2. Vitamin C

This vitamin plays an important role in maintaining the health of blood vessels throughout the body. This means that it increases blood flow to the sex organs and enhances sexual arousal and sensations in women. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, broccoli and strawberries are some of the richest sources of this water-soluble vitamin.

#3. Vitamin A

A vitamin that plays an important role in the production of estrogen, the A vitamin also promotes sex drive in women. Deficiency of this nutrient can lead to a slowdown in the production of this sex hormone and decrease the libido of women.

Include this vitamin in your diet by consuming liver, cheddar cheese and whole milk.

#4. Riboflavin

Vitamin B2 is responsible for keeping areas such as the skin and the vaginal area moist. It, thus, keeps the vagina of a woman wet and ready for intercourse. Lean meats, cheese, milk and eggs are some of the richest sources of riboflavin.

#5. Vitamin B6

This nutrient also works on the sex hormone, estrogen. By maintaining a proper intake of this vitamin, women can ensure that estrogen production stays high, thus, enhancing their sex drive and ability to get aroused.

#6. Vitamin B12

By working on the nerve endings of the clitoris, vitamin B12 makes sure that women feel and maintain sexual arousal. Stimulation of this area leads to an increased blood flow to the sex organs, increasing arousal and the chances of achieving an orgasm.

Other sexual enhancement supplements

Besides the above herbs and vitamins that are good for sex drive, there are certain other supplements that can promote sexual drive in women like HerSolution. DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone which is usually produced naturally by the body of a woman. This can be purchased over the counter for a better sexual experience. However, make sure to consult your physician before taking this sexual enhancement supplement.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that can boost stimulation and arousal in women. This supplement also works by increasing blood flow to the sex organs. It can be taken in the form of a pill or directly applied to the area as a topical gel.

These sexual enhancement supplements and vitamins promote sexual health as well as your overall health. However, it is advisable to consult your physician before taking these on a regular basis, especially if you suffer from chronic illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes.